Nov 30, 2011

i heart u, GIRLFRIENDS

wass up dude.!!
wahh, cam rock plak rasa.
nevermind. just wanna share with u guys what i have done days ago.
going back & seeing my baby.
hang out with my GIRLFRIENDS.
who? take a look the photo below.

hahaha. could not see her face? HOLD ON.
let me tell u bout this girl.
she's nice plus gorgeous.
i love the way she make up. (dah kata jurumekap, haruslah.!)
she kinda a good listener n always give advices to me.
even i'm older than her.
thanks SISTA. xoxo..
wish i can see u again, next time. :)

toink..toink..toink..lets move to the next.

aikkk?? sapa plak ni?? u know her?
don't you??
she's ELY. always be my partner when i'm going back.
its like being a tourist guide.
haha. thanks ELY for always b with me.

ape??? what?? yeneellleyy??
ooo. who's that UNFACE GIRL?
hisshh korang ni.
nah, tengok sendiri.!

before i move, i leave u guys with this

though miles may lie between us
we are never far apart 
for friendship doesn't count miles 
it measured by the heart

love your friends as they love you

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