Jan 15, 2012


I love u and will always love u.
I'm glad u're changed.a lot..
Hope it will stay longer.
And will keep changing for better.

Now,we're going to think for future.
Together.. Love ya.!

Jan 9, 2012

hope my new year will b better than last year

holla guys..
it's 1.00 A.M and my eyes still open widely.
Both my friends Nana & Ana dah nyenyak tido.
huh. what i'm going to story for tonight?

errmmmm... think for a while.

haa, just wanna share my glad to Allah.
why? because still let me breathe in His land.
and tak lupa juga tuk semua nikmat yang diberi..

I'm glad :

1. You & me still together and you've changed a lot. I love u, sayang.
2. Dipermudahkan segala urusan terutama during my examination even it's not over yet.
3. You give good health to my parents & siblings.

I hope for this year :

1. You keep blessing my relationship with him.
2. Give chance  to my parents to see my succeed
3. I'm praying that you'll take away and give a better condition to my niece, NUR 'ADANI BATRISYA
    please let her get well, she's too small to survive all these thing.
4. Hope my studies will b done smoothly and successfully.

what about you guys? any wish for 2012.
don't just wish and see the results. but do put effort on it.
chaiyok2. love u. :)