Dec 31, 2010

story of new year.

sorry for long time not updating my blog.
it just a note to say.

its like a new sunrise..of hope, of prosperity, of happiness
its like a new BEGINNING..of thoughts, of words, of actions
its like a new DAY..of energy, of strength, of ideas
its like a BUNCH of the whole NEW THING..of prayer, of friends, of love.


Dec 8, 2010

padan muka.

huh. i'm at eimas's office right now
my sis's office.
no one is here.
'ving meeting till noon.
then, this space is mine. ;)

nothing to do.
early morning, in front of my lappy.
a cup of coffee, slices of cheese bread, a bottle of mineral water.

huh. wait till noon so i can 've lunch at mcd,
visit my senior, lyaa.(hope so)

what boring day.

btw, nak say thanks a lot to my dad, for the jeans, dress, money,
mom, for the pump shoes,
my bro, for the purse, handbag,

okay, nothing to do haa?
padan muka, previous days sakan sgt berjalan.
ni laa apart of what i'm doing right now.

super giler?
biasa je pun.
bukan hot pun.
da laa. continue later.
i nak pegi tengok movie.
kat mana???
lappy ni je.

p/s, leave any comment if u're free to do so. ;)

Dec 3, 2010

mission to be accomplished.

chicken cheese paratha.
banana chocolate.
capathi chicken sausage.

i got all these things just now. wee.
even got tooth pain, i just try to satisfy myself.

i've another mission tomorrow
mission yang belum tercapai.

1. pump/flat shoe
2. necklace
3. belt
4. baju.

wuu. might be shopping at sunway/ou.
hope so.

p/s thanks to daddy sebab buy all of them for me. and choose which one is suit for me.
esok buat lg ye. :)