Dec 31, 2010

story of new year.

sorry for long time not updating my blog.
it just a note to say.

its like a new sunrise..of hope, of prosperity, of happiness
its like a new BEGINNING..of thoughts, of words, of actions
its like a new DAY..of energy, of strength, of ideas
its like a BUNCH of the whole NEW THING..of prayer, of friends, of love.


Dec 8, 2010

padan muka.

huh. i'm at eimas's office right now
my sis's office.
no one is here.
'ving meeting till noon.
then, this space is mine. ;)

nothing to do.
early morning, in front of my lappy.
a cup of coffee, slices of cheese bread, a bottle of mineral water.

huh. wait till noon so i can 've lunch at mcd,
visit my senior, lyaa.(hope so)

what boring day.

btw, nak say thanks a lot to my dad, for the jeans, dress, money,
mom, for the pump shoes,
my bro, for the purse, handbag,

okay, nothing to do haa?
padan muka, previous days sakan sgt berjalan.
ni laa apart of what i'm doing right now.

super giler?
biasa je pun.
bukan hot pun.
da laa. continue later.
i nak pegi tengok movie.
kat mana???
lappy ni je.

p/s, leave any comment if u're free to do so. ;)

Dec 3, 2010

mission to be accomplished.

chicken cheese paratha.
banana chocolate.
capathi chicken sausage.

i got all these things just now. wee.
even got tooth pain, i just try to satisfy myself.

i've another mission tomorrow
mission yang belum tercapai.

1. pump/flat shoe
2. necklace
3. belt
4. baju.

wuu. might be shopping at sunway/ou.
hope so.

p/s thanks to daddy sebab buy all of them for me. and choose which one is suit for me.
esok buat lg ye. :)

Sep 20, 2010


Jun 27, 2010

A best friend is like a four leaf clover,

hard to find and lucky to have.

thanks to my lovely buddies.
I'm lucky to have u as my friends.
all of u my best friends.

May 14, 2010

heartless? weirdo?

siapa yang heartless and pelik? kenapa? yeke macam tuh?
ahaa.. check this out:

si A : ko ni asyik bercakap dr tadi, tak penat ke?

si B : ko ni sewel ke duk baring tengah jalan? nak mampus?

si C : aku hairan tengok ko. pakai short tapi ko pakai stokin na
k tido. orang kalo sejuk, tutup semua

si D : ko ni orang duk mengata ko, tak terasa ke?

si E : orang lain banyak masalah, tapi ko ni senyum, gelak je memanjang. Pe kes?

ni sume kata-kata dari teman-teman aku mengenai aku.
sometimes kelakar jugak sampai aku pun tak tahu nak jawab camne.

macam ni laa.
lets me answer them.

si A : i love to talk. if what i am saying can make my friends happy and laugh, i'll do it.

si B : baring tengah jalan tuh just tuk bergambar. kadang2 saje je buat cmtu. bosan asyik posing yg same je. hee.

si C : sebenarnya, pakai socks tuh aku takut ha
ntu gigit kaki aku. kita kan kat tempat orang, so tak tahu sangat selok belok tempat tuh. :)

si D : orang mengata? hm, kita kena ingat. apa yang orang bercakap sal kita, boleh ke kita nak tape or staple mulut dia? tak kan? so, when the time arrive diam la dorang. Just be patient. Sebenarnya, orang yang suka mengata ni, dorang tak sedar yang ada orang lain turut sama mengata di
a. So, 2X5 je. bukan semua mengata tuh mengata yang serious, ada yang bergurau. Then, tak salah kalo kita balas balik gurauan tu. Don't take it too serious dear.

si E : masalah? siapa yang tak ada masalah dalam hidup ni? perjalanan kita d bumi ni ade pasang surut seperti air d lautan. kalo kita ada masalah, kita boleh cerita pada sesiapa yang kita percaya. with that way, kita bleh dapat nasihat. but for me, as long as i can solve my prob by myself, i don't think i have to show to others that i've prob. once my friends, connection or whatsoeva know that i'm having prob, they must worry bout me. i don't want any sympathy from them. its not about egoist, but as long as i can smile, i can laugh and make other people happy, aku da bersyukur. walaupun kita tipu diri sendiri, berpura-pura, tetapi ada hikmah d sebaliknya. cuma kesabaran yang d perlukan.

guys: pelik ke aku ni? tak pun kan?

teman-teman: i am not heartless, i am not weird. i just wanna be myself. if u don't like the way i behave, it's up to u. different people have different ways in handling their life. same with me. to my beloved friends, ruheil,
ashila many others, thanks for support me. to syabil, i am lucky to have u who always be with me. thanks dear. and to all my friends,sorry if i have hurt ur feelings. ;)