Nov 1, 2011

who u think u're?

what i'm going to mumble now?
nothing special but this is just my opinion..
i saw many of girls in FB are trying to attract guys attention.
with ur GEDIKS & "bajets lembut" attitudes.
put sexy. pose on bed with half naked.
OH MY GUCCI. for what dude??

u know how old most of them???
14-19 years babe.
grow enough, sayangs???
or that's the trend??
yes. we can follow the trend but agak-agak la.

u see that person in a relationship with someone.
yet u still menggatal dgn "pakwe" die.
give ur phone numbers. ask to meet..
if u read this. i'm not going to talk bad on u.
but show some dignity of u.

reminder yea. :
if a guy is single or already in a relationship/married, then u menggedik bagai.
dorang akan layan je. ask u to give what they want.
then when the time arrive, u're just like a rubbish for them.

don't believe? try n observe on facebook.
take care.
think about it. :)

u can leave ur comment if there's anything to add.
don't be shy. 
correct me if i'm wrong..


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