Jan 9, 2012

hope my new year will b better than last year

holla guys..
it's 1.00 A.M and my eyes still open widely.
Both my friends Nana & Ana dah nyenyak tido.
huh. what i'm going to story for tonight?

errmmmm... think for a while.

haa, just wanna share my glad to Allah.
why? because still let me breathe in His land.
and tak lupa juga tuk semua nikmat yang diberi..

I'm glad :

1. You & me still together and you've changed a lot. I love u, sayang.
2. Dipermudahkan segala urusan terutama during my examination even it's not over yet.
3. You give good health to my parents & siblings.

I hope for this year :

1. You keep blessing my relationship with him.
2. Give chance  to my parents to see my succeed
3. I'm praying that you'll take away and give a better condition to my niece, NUR 'ADANI BATRISYA
    please let her get well, she's too small to survive all these thing.
4. Hope my studies will b done smoothly and successfully.

what about you guys? any wish for 2012.
don't just wish and see the results. but do put effort on it.
chaiyok2. love u. :)

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