Jan 30, 2011

stress btol lah..!

how do u manage ur stress?
sounds like OB's task. aww. haha.

im not stress. but i just feel i need some enjoyment.
could u stay alone? without friends.
be serious all the time? like a "stone face".
if this is u, better u go for psychiatric.

u're afraid to see psychiatric?
then, follow my way. how?
enjoy urself every seconds u've.

snap urself everywhere u go.

eat as much as u can.
dont think too much for overweight. :D

listen to music loudly & webcam with friends.

so far, okay?
this is the most i love to do.

spend time wif ur friends & enjoy the moments.

and i love to celebrate people's birthday.
dajal, suprise party are my profession. haha.

correct or not?

Jan 9, 2011

first hang out for new year.

hello peeps...
akhirnya, i dapat jumpa my schoolmate, thotie.
ni pun plan last minute.

supposedly i kuar ngan college mates.
but last minute jugak dorang ade hal dorang sendiri.
hurm. :(

tapi takpe laa.
at 11 a.m, sy mandi.
drive to ktm ukm.
parked my car.
naik ktm direct to MID.

makan2 kat nando's

jalan2 kat zara, mng, cotton on, romp.
drop by kat Baskin Robbins.

taste all types of chocolates kat chocolate fair.
last2 lupa nak beli. kan ROHA? :)

before balik, sempat grab a pair of wedges kat VINCCI.

for coming weekend, i nk g little pantry.
anyone wanna join me?
text me k. :)