Nov 30, 2011

i heart u, GIRLFRIENDS

wass up dude.!!
wahh, cam rock plak rasa.
nevermind. just wanna share with u guys what i have done days ago.
going back & seeing my baby.
hang out with my GIRLFRIENDS.
who? take a look the photo below.

hahaha. could not see her face? HOLD ON.
let me tell u bout this girl.
she's nice plus gorgeous.
i love the way she make up. (dah kata jurumekap, haruslah.!)
she kinda a good listener n always give advices to me.
even i'm older than her.
thanks SISTA. xoxo..
wish i can see u again, next time. :)

toink..toink..toink..lets move to the next.

aikkk?? sapa plak ni?? u know her?
don't you??
she's ELY. always be my partner when i'm going back.
its like being a tourist guide.
haha. thanks ELY for always b with me.

ape??? what?? yeneellleyy??
ooo. who's that UNFACE GIRL?
hisshh korang ni.
nah, tengok sendiri.!

before i move, i leave u guys with this

though miles may lie between us
we are never far apart 
for friendship doesn't count miles 
it measured by the heart

love your friends as they love you

kyra de lola

Nov 19, 2011

cinta yang tak kesampaian.

now i got my mood back.
my fingers eager to click here n there.

sebenarnya hari ni hati aku betol2 tersentuh dengan one love story.
she lost her 9years love.
lost for forever.
not a break up but Allah lebih sayangkan die.
Z. i know u're hurt. u can't forget him.
but please don't be weak dear.
u have to be strong. u cry all the time, he also cry for u THERE.
he don't want to see u live in sadness.

teruskan what's left.
keep the memoirs of yours.
He want to see u smile.

(if she's me....)

Nov 11, 2011


just wanna share with u guys what 'd happen today.
people are talking bout the date of 11.11.11

n congrats tuk my beloved & sempoi lecturer, Mr. Aliff Ibrahim
dengan sekali lafaz, his gf turn to be his wife. wee.~~
wahh. yang best nya, i dh macam jd a part of rombongan lelaki.
bawak dulang hantaran. hehe. 

okay la. semoga bahagia selalu.
dan sabar dalam menempuh alam perkahwinan.
i'll see both of u again in Penang.
love ya.. :P

ada rezeki nak bertunang la tahun depan.
kahwin blom boleh lg. hehe.

Nov 10, 2011

zaman sekarang.

lets think bout this together.
don't get it too serious. 
open ur mind & reflect to ourself.

U, urself. 
how many adopt sisters & brothers do u have??

why i'm asking this?
because it is happening too obvious.
one girl with 10 adopt brothers. some of u get MORE
one girl/boy with -ties of adopt sisters.

for what dear??? 
i've asked few of friends yang experience.
and they said these.

dorang ada hati kat die, tak dapat jd gf/bf. dapat jd kakak/ abg angkat pun okay.

izzit true? should it happen?
that's u should think.

P/S please don't ask to be adopted for borrowing money or asking for a topup.! tolong ada rasa malu sikit. u never meet that person. through FB, not enough to be trusted. 

kalau ade yang terasa, saya minta maaf.
tapi kalau nak berangkat2 ni, biarlah dengan niat yg btol.

kalau ade ape2 nak kata, leave ur comment. TQ. :)

Nov 3, 2011

do show some respect

dah lama rasanya tak maki orang kan??
kalo kita maki kata kita mulut jahat.
tapi ko fikir sendiri la aku jahat atau ko lg jahat.

dah terang2 orang tuh ade in a relationship.
tapi ko terhegeh2 jugak kat mamat tuh.
adoiyaii.. tarakkk malu kaa???

cuba kalo pakwe ko kna kacau dgn pompuan setaraf mcm ko.
kompem MELENTING habis kan???
siap cari pompuan tuh.
nak tarik2 rambut. tumbuk2. tarik tudung..
nak kata ko takde akal. ko pegi sekolah kan?
bukan tak boleh berkawan dik oii.
tapi gaya ko tuh bukan nak BERKAWAN.

just remember.
he's with someone/
she's with someone.

otherwise, people will not respect u.
they will look u just like a CIKARO.

sorry if i'm using harsh words.
but that's reality. :)

leave ur comment if there's something to say.


Nov 2, 2011

me & gilass.

today, i feel EMPTY.
got bf its like don't have him at all.

meet my new sweets of USM.
girl with baju kurung is Syud.!
very the naughty girl.
she likes to bully people. am i right syud? ngee.
and so energetic. never weak. haha.

the other girl woith black scarf?
ahaa. that's farah.
bestie of syud.
always be together wherever they go.
except TOILET.

tiring day on wednesday.
so, this is a piece of us.


Nov 1, 2011

who u think u're?

what i'm going to mumble now?
nothing special but this is just my opinion..
i saw many of girls in FB are trying to attract guys attention.
with ur GEDIKS & "bajets lembut" attitudes.
put sexy. pose on bed with half naked.
OH MY GUCCI. for what dude??

u know how old most of them???
14-19 years babe.
grow enough, sayangs???
or that's the trend??
yes. we can follow the trend but agak-agak la.

u see that person in a relationship with someone.
yet u still menggatal dgn "pakwe" die.
give ur phone numbers. ask to meet..
if u read this. i'm not going to talk bad on u.
but show some dignity of u.

reminder yea. :
if a guy is single or already in a relationship/married, then u menggedik bagai.
dorang akan layan je. ask u to give what they want.
then when the time arrive, u're just like a rubbish for them.

don't believe? try n observe on facebook.
take care.
think about it. :)

u can leave ur comment if there's anything to add.
don't be shy. 
correct me if i'm wrong..