Jan 30, 2011

stress btol lah..!

how do u manage ur stress?
sounds like OB's task. aww. haha.

im not stress. but i just feel i need some enjoyment.
could u stay alone? without friends.
be serious all the time? like a "stone face".
if this is u, better u go for psychiatric.

u're afraid to see psychiatric?
then, follow my way. how?
enjoy urself every seconds u've.

snap urself everywhere u go.

eat as much as u can.
dont think too much for overweight. :D

listen to music loudly & webcam with friends.

so far, okay?
this is the most i love to do.

spend time wif ur friends & enjoy the moments.

and i love to celebrate people's birthday.
dajal, suprise party are my profession. haha.

correct or not?


  1. hey hey! mkn kt mane tu? mcm best jek tmpt die..:)

  2. kak tyka, kat little pantry, ioi mall.
    ala2 full house sunway katakan. haha..

    along, hope u like it. ;)